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Thank You to all of our supporters and all of you who came out and voted down Measure 13!

South Dakota voters opposed a “medical” marijuana program for the second time in less than five years. In 2006, voters opposed legalizing marijuana under the guise of medicine by 53% of the vote. This year voters said a resounding “NO” to Measure 13 with 63.31% of the vote!

Earlier in the campaign, national anti-drug organizations spoke out in opposition to Measure 13, warning that well-financed pro-legalization groups would be selling the idea that only chronically ill or terminal patients would be using marijuana as a so-called medicine.

Based on the experiences of other states, we knew the reality to be different.

Statistics show that the vast majority of people enrolled in state-run medi-pot programs are not treating life threatening conditions. For example, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon and Montana have an average 4% of ID card holders using marijuana for cancer or HIV/AIDS. Over 90% on average are using for the more subjective condition of “pain” which covers almost anything.

This is what happens when people see through the smokescreen of so-called medical marijuana. We are so happy to see that voters in South Dakota did their homework and saved the state from suffering the same unintended consequences of other states that have fallen to the drug dealer lobby.

Not only has the FDA not approved marijuana as a medicine, it actually issued a statement disavowing it as medicine and stating that it is a harmful drug. It has been rejected by major medical groups including the American Ophthalmic Association, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the American Cancer Society.

    "Compassion shouldn't mean addiction" ;

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